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We make all important I’s of your business more stronger through our                            offerings

Your one stop partner for Business Transformation

Fusion of new-age technologies for disruptive business transformation.


Such a transformation, which is enabled by ideating, designing and crafting

innovative business solutions through digital capabilitiesleading to


captivating customer experience,

extreme operational efficiencies and actionable insights !!

Fusion of Digital Technologies
Our Services

Our Business Transformation Offerings

Digital Worker & Intelligent Automation

A suite of Chatbot, RPA, NLP and Computer Vision Solutions

Digitization & Appless Mobility

A suite of BPM, Progressive Web Apps, Low code Platform and Document Management Solutions

Conversational Engagements

A suite of Chatbot, Push Feed Timeline, Actionable Instant Messaging and Digital Marketing Solutions

Actionable Insights

A suite of AI driven Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics and Visualization Solutions 

Connected Ecosystems

A suite of Blockchain, IoT and IIoT Solutions

Digital Thinktank

A suite of Digital consulting services including Design Thinking, AI Strategy and Digital Leadership

It's all about Customer - Innovation - Values



Transform around Customer

Reimagine business processes with your customer at the heart of transformation. Zoom ahead with Intelligent Automation, AI-ML based Actionable Insights and Cognitive Technologies

Group of people with VR Headset


Ride the wave of Innovation


Catch up with the fast changing customer expectations and market dynamics through agility and technology innovations. Make your business future ready through tech like Blockchain, IoT & AI



Identify and Deliver Values

Proactively identify opportunities for improved customer engagement, better customer service and assured ROI through the application of modern age tech like Chatbot, PWA and Voice assistants

Drive your Business Transformation to

Key Offerings
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Improve Customer Experience

Our customer experience and customer engagement solutions are underpinned by best-in-class customer journeys mapping, conversational engagements and NLP techniques.


We help our clients deliver a seamless experience to their end customers and users no matter what the channel is being used and the volume of requests.

How we can help

  • AI driven Chatbots for Customer Service, Lead Generation, Sales Operations, HR Helpdesk, IT Helpdesk and Travel Helpdesk


  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and WhatsApp enabled Transactions and workflows. A true omni-channel experience


  • Progressive Web Apps, Responsive Apps, Single build Apps for Appless Mobility Experience   


  • Apps with Actionable Instant Messaging and Push Feed Timeline including custom made PWA or WhatsApp as a channel    


  •  UI/UX/DX & Digital Marketing Consulting

Monitoring Room

Attain Operational Efficiencies

Our intelligent automation solutions are developed by mimicking the human actions and senses through a host of technology components like Chatbot, RPA, OCR and NLP.


Reduction in operational expenses up to 50%, improved efficiencies and eliminating human errors are some of the guaranteed benefits.

How we can help

  • ‘Digital Worker’ for end to end automated workflow handling through a combination of Chatbot, RPA and BPM solutions


  • RPA Strategy and Implementation Consulting


  • Cognitive Automations using OCR & Computer vision technologies


  • Value stream mapping, Process re-engineering and Process documentation


  • Process Digitization using choice BPM and DMS


  • Marketing and Service Desks Automation

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Maximize Revenue & Customer Engagement

Our AI and Machine learning driven analytics experience and solutions provide you with much needed actionable insights and data points which helps you in cross-sell, up-sell and to improve customer service thus significantly improving customer engagements and maximizing revenues.

How we can help

  • Deep dive into customer behavior through AI-ML based analytics

  • Analytics driven Digital Marketing strategy and execution

  • Customer churn analytics and NPS improvements

  • Omni-channel customer engagement eco-system


Make your Business Future Ready

Business and Technology landscape is changing extremely fast, so as the customer expectations, revenue streams and market equations. 


Our expertise and experience in many of these new-age yet essential technology of future like Blockchain, IoT and Cognitive coupled with our advisory services on Digital and AI leadership can help you reimagine the business. 


We help you to seed that culture of Agility, Innovation and Design thinking in your business ecosystem for an assured success.

How we can help

  • Enabling and connecting your transaction ecosystem with Blockchain

  • Micro services based architecture & Cloud enablement of the applications

  • AI Strategy and Digital Transformation consulting

  • Design thinking workshops, Innovation

  • Agile and Scrum process Coaching

We bring 'incremental intelligence' to your business through 'Idolize ADD Accelerators'

Idolize BRAIN Digital Stack
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